Monday, 16 May 2011

Lessons Learnt

As life progresses along its merry sartorial path - we learn lessons - learn them, ignore them, tweak them but always remember them!

Some 20 years ago i was living in the east end of london and a couple of doors up lived Christine - Chris was east end born and bred - generations deep - and i was rather in awe of her.  Long thick black hair, big breasts, small waist and skin tight catsuits!!  To my 20 odd year old somewhat chubby fair self she was soooo glamorous! and i really wanted to be her!

The lesson I learnt was Chris's aunties!  when walking down the Roman Road market - one might often spot - tiny waists, long black hair, skintight catsuits and see other passersby doing like-wise - admiring looks on their faces.  That was till they passed because the back did not match the front - at that point i learnt that there comes an age when no matter how good the scaffolding sometimes your just too old.  Or so i told my 20 year old self!  Now that time is starting to pass me by i try to remember the aunties!!

 But then - lets face it rules - especially sartorial ones - are sometimes just meant to be broken! xx

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