Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sunday Prada Madness

Are you liking this Prada dress??  I am and I am now owning it!  At this point I am also totally blaming my friend Jo's man (love him as i truly do) (and because i am want to blame anyone other than myself when it comes to over purchasing guilt!!)  

I have the man's family do this weekend - a BIG family do - they are italian - there are a lot of them and i feel some outfit pressure it has to be said.  I bought my lovely PA, Claire, a fantastic blue/black limited edition nail polish from Chanel a couple of weeks back and it occurred to me a couple of days ago that this would be the perfect polish to my perfect outfit!!

I resolved to pop into Chanel on Saturday whilst wandering past.  Had already made what in fashionista terms was a positive pitstop at Roger Vivier which caused such consternation (obviously in man terms it was a long stop) so to keep all happy i put my not-obsessed shopper hat on and went to Hyde Park instead thinking there is always Sunday when i am on my own and no men to hand!

Proceeded on my long trot to Chanel - only to get the polish - had been a good night out - tad hungover 
(maybe that too contributed to my lack of resolve) - virtuously determined to just get that polish - well they were shut!  And opposite is Prada - dont know what came over me but i was over that road and in that shop in a fashion second!

I was only going to look at the shoes - all sold out in my size thank god!  The dress was there in my size and i looooved it on the catwalk - thought it wont fit, it wont suit and it was on my back - suiting and fitting - suiting and fitting amazingly!!  I bought it and i still think my friend's man is totally to blame (lol) 


  As an update i am now borrowing the polish back of Claire, which is what i should have done in the first place (but felt it a little of a cheek)  something about hindsight and wonderful thing comes to mind!! 


  1. I am laughing, tickled by this story, as I think of how I do when I'm out shopping and just "wander" into a shop I shouldn't, lol. I think you will look absolutely amazing in this Prada dress! You'll be vibrant in the colors. Enjoy. xx from Soleil


  2. Have been loving those shoes since I first saw them, thank goodness not for sale in Cape Town!
    The dress is great really fun but not for me - too old! Luv, Mother PS if they have those shoes in my size would really like a pair - any colour but white, it's my birthday end of July!!

  3. Thanks Soleil - what is it - girls and shops- its just in the genes!! xx

  4. I know mum - me too - unfortunately we are too late!! I would even take the white! xox

  5. I couldnt agree more Heather - Muicia seems to deliver something iconic every season - be it Prada or Miu Miu - but this one was fashion gold - true fashion gold x


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