Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sunny Saturday

After a top couple of girly days my man came to London with my fashionable hound!  
We had a lovely day in London - had to pop to the tailor and visited the new conde nast shop at 
Vogue House - i mean kid in a candy store - total fashion love!! x

I am afraid i have been a bit greedy today - there were too many good pics of Le Frank!

Franky and my man were quite the heros Saturday evening - 
a woman was being bothered by 3 youths and i spotted it at the same time but thought 
it was just verbal then they started to follow her up the steps of her house 
and my man just turned round and walked straight at them -
 one sight of him and Frank and they ran off - 
the woman was so upset and deeply grateful - i was really proud - 
too many people in London just walk on by.  
At this point i will add that i am so glad they did leave at pace because god knows 
what they would have done if they hadn't! 
 Frank's list of things to be scared of are mutually and not exclusively -
 boxes, aggressive pomeranians, any implement, carrier bags - 
anything that moves ie signs, busses and the list goes on - 
so he really is not that much of a threat deterrent - 
obviously looks won over on the day! x

Chloe Jeans, Celine Wedges, Stella Blazer, all seen too many times before
 but hey you've got to get your wear!  
Prada Bag, Liberty for APC shirt, Vanessa Arizaga bracelet, another bracelet from Joseph, 
Celine Sunnies 


  1. Claire, You are eye candy! Talking of, the Celine sunnies go perfectly here. Love it all! Happy ending to that story. I live in NY so I hear yah on that subject. Glad the woman is all right. You have a great team, thanks for that. xx from Soleil

  2. There is nothing like a dog to push bullies away...and your look was gorgeous...not many people can wear such jeans looking slim and trendy, people tend to look like homeless, but there you are, looking cooler than cool! Well done!

  3. I know Soleil - walking on by is never an option i have held by but too many do, especially men - it is often women who help other women - i am very pleased to be married to someone who doesnt walk on by and yet in normal life is not aggressive at all - which i am also grateful for!! x

  4. Thanks XAVS and you are right bullies are often scared off by something they perceive as more of a bully than them - very kind comment re the outfit - i love those jeans so really glad they work! xx

  5. i adore your jeans and your lovely jacket!!i love the flow of the fabric!!
    stunner once again!!

  6. THose jeans are awesome, i love the wide legs! i've been looking for some like that, but can seem to find them.
    Good thing you have heroes with you! :)
    My Fashion Bug
    ps. i love your comments too... besitos!

  7. Thanks Ionna and Mariale - they are hard to find - there were more around about 4 years ago when i got mine so hopefully they will hit the shops again soon! x

  8. ahh ... thanks to Frank you are my new favorite fashion blog! I mean, thanks to you too. I will soon be adding a third Lab to my household (I lost my oldest a few weeks ago at 14 and can't bear having 'just' two.) Franky has long been on my short list of names. Now I think I have decided for sure. He's great! keep doing the dog and fashion thing... it works for me!

  9. Anon - Franky has another fan - how cool thanks so much - what a great comment - he is half lab how sad for you - we love our pets so much - it is very hard to lose one - thanks again xx

  10. What a hero!!! That's an amazing story!!! Unfortunately security is becoming such a big problem nowadays...

    Your outfit is so beautiful (as always) but I am really, really in love with your glasses...Can I marry them?

  11. I know it really is and it shouldnt be but this is the world we live in at least some will still step up! on a more fashion note - Celines a go go!! xx

  12. thanks for following honor for me

    i'm following you now
    keep in touch :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  13. No prob - thank you for finding me xx

  14. Aww that's so sweet that your hubby and Frank saved the day!

    My dad has a German Shep called Frank and he's as daft as a brush but looks like he means business - they're the best kind of dogs, I think you'll find! :)


  15. Love your blazer and jeans.

    Heel in Mint

  16. Your blazer is gorgeous!Interesting story about your dog and hubby- two superheroes!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  17. love your blog its so nice and lovely !

    do you wanne follow us ? than we can follwo you back


  18. I never get sick of those Celine wedges! haha! I also love that blazer! great pics...he's just so adorable!

  19. Love your outfit! You look amazing dear! <3

  20. Fashion Tales - nor do i!! Hey Mani thanks for comment always appreciated, thanks Marella, Sisters - great will do, Heel in Mint - thank you x

  21. Danielle they are the best dogs - xx

  22. first of all, kudos to your man and frank for saving that lady's day.

    second, how do you manage to look so fabulous all the time? I would love to do a special photo session of your entire wardrobe. it sounds like a walk through harvey nicks...

  23. Thanks David - i was proud of them although Frank was i think a passenger in the entire affair! and secondly - thank you - i would love that too - i love my wardrobe - it is a bit of a shocker - well cared for and collected over many years of fashion obsession - i rather sadly visit it whenever work gets stressy - it makes me feel so much better!! x

  24. WOW,I am totally in love with the entire outfit!!!You look amazing, casual yet chic!

  25. What a fabulous denim.. I am in love with wide leg pants at the moment
    lee x

  26. Love the photo's, outfit, Frank and the lovely flowers : Petunias? Good for Richard sorting out the ruffians. Wish he and Frank had been around when I was mugged - mind you I did put up a fight, just lost my bag and my cool!!! Your photo's are so natural looking. Love them. Luv from a very wet and cold Cape Town!!

  27. woah I love your shoes and sunnies!

    the dog is just adorable :)

    one kiss!!


  28. It's nice to hear that there are people who come to the rescue of someone in need. It's so much easier to walk by...Gorgeous jeans, I love flared pants, and all those blue shades are just beautiful. :)Ada

  29. loving the wide leg jeans

    follow if u like what u see?


  30. Prutha will do, Classiq - thanks ada - great comment, Yamina thanks from me and Frank, From wet and cold cape town aka mum! thank you xx

  31. Ah, those jeans!
    Perfect for the modern day fashionista;-)

  32. I love your outfit, especially the shirt and the blazer!


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